Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hey Buster, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

You know you are in  different area from other areas of North America when  the BMW auto car dealer is head and shoulders bigger than the local Chevy store.

We are in Hilton head to visit friends and summer neighbors, Bill & Marilyn Johnstone and they have arranged for us to spend a few days in their exclusive “motor coach” park, the Hilton Head Island MotorCoach Resort. This is kind of unique park and certainly not the kind of place you would have ever found the Amazing Vanstones before. You can rent a nice lot with all the  amenities for from $60 and up or if you’re feeling a bit more flush, you can actually buy your own lot priced from a low of $52,000 to a high of $149,900.

I’m thinking we are either very versatile or confused: Remember last January when we spent a couple of weeks boondocked in the Arizona desert for (remember the price?) free.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous park and it’s great to catch up with Johnstone’s (it’s only been about 5 weeks since we left 50 Point. It just seems like 5 years). They gave us a grand tour of the island yesterday and it certainly is a gorgeous place. I’m sure the master developer of this project is extremely happy with his work.

Today the  Marilyns have plans to hit a couple of the local thrift stores. It will be interesting to see what they can pull out of a thrift store in a town that reeks wealth, luxury and over the top consumerism, everything but thrift.

We’ve had a bit of crappy weather the last few days. Our highs have been in the high 40’s to low 50’s and we’ve seen lots of rain. We did a bus tour in Charleston on Thursday where an extra couple of feet of high tide met a severe downpour and flooded a lot of the downtown streets.

We continue to poke south though. Our southward travels and a warmer weather forecast should solve the weather issue.

I don’t mind putting on a jacket to handle the cool but I hate to drive our clean and shiny coach in the rain. I spent days getting it all polished up. It’s amazing how we get all worked up about appearances. I not concerned if I forget to shave the odd day, but don’t you dare get our coach dirty.

Thank you for the read and safe travels to you all.


6 thoughts on “Hilton Head, South Carolina

  1. Don’t much like getting our coach dirty either, but when it does, I can clean it again! Fresh air and exercise and give it sa good inspection while I am at it too.
    Enjoy the fancy place you at, sound too upscale for us.

  2. I hear you about getting the coach dirty. We’ve been sitting here 2 weeks now and I’ve been watching ours get progressively more “dull” with rain and mostly frost! We’re heading out tomorrow and hope to be far enough south by the end of next week where I’ll be able to apply some TLC to “Sandy Scepter”. Jen hates the name but it reminds us of when it arrived.

    Drive safely and we’ll catch-up later.

  3. beautiful lot/resort there Larry…I’m assuming they even provide that patio furniture? Hope to catch up again soon…can’t wait to see what Mar got at the thrift shop…

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