Hill Billy Bird Feeder

We came home from a weekend in Toronto Sunday afternoon and look what was sitting on our step awaiting our arrival. We’re not sure who gave us this amazing gift, although we have our suspicions, and we did get the connection.

Last weekend when I dumped our black water tank our sewer backed up (that’s not a pretty sight) and even though I cleaned it all up, it took a couple of days to get someone from the park out to fix it. On their first fix-it attempt they sent a kid out with what appeared to be an old recycled coat hanger. When that didn’t work he left in a huff proof positive that a university education aint all it’s cracked up to be  and returned 20 minutes later with a toilet plunger. Needless to say he was really ticked when that didn’t work either. I can imagine his frustration; all those years of school, all those hours of study and all those kegs of beer are still no match for some little Doom-a-jiggy stuck 6 feet down in a sewer pipe.

When 24 hours later nothing had changed Marilyn again called the office, this time they sent in a real professional plumber, he had a real plumber’s crack ( a nice one so I’ve been told), emergency lights on his truck and all, and the job was finally done right. Once we told our neighbors our tale of our over-flow of waste we have been the “butt” of a lot of plumber and or sewage (sewage is the polite term for shitty) jokes.

For our never-ending effort to entertain our neighbors someone obviously bought us a gift.

Looking at this Hillbilly  aka Red Neck bird feeder reminds me of the time we met the Borsage’s in a park in Mississippi.

4 thoughts on “Hill Billy Bird Feeder

  1. You know, with the exception of some slight aesthetic issues, that bird feeder is highly practical. I mean, most times such a device is sitting unused in a closet somewhere until it’s sorely needed, so why not put it to use in the meanwhile? Then if you do need it, just dump the seed on the ground, and have at it.
    I did think the twisty grape vine was a nice touch.
    And when I say, “slight aesthetic issues”, what I mean is, it looks like crap.
    And that pun was intended.

  2. Yes, Marilyn does have that “Get it Done attitude and Bob you obviously are a man of few, but very well directed to the point, words. I agree; it ain’t no beauty!

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