Hiking Old Fools

dsc_1233Yesterday, we were out for a drive and we drove past a conservation are we didn’t even know existed.

First thing this morning, we packed up the puppies and hurried off to Woodend Conservation area to see what we’ve been missing. The park is a lightly wooded area  on top of the Escarpment. You can hear the traffic on the busy highway just below, so it’s not the most peaceful walk we’ve had out hiking but it’s different, with a lot more rock, more wide open than most trails in this area. We’re all good though, the dogs love exploring new and different areas and I have to admit Marilyn and I do too. Everybody’s hiking, everybody’s smiling. Everybody is having a grand old-time.

dsc_1222It’s a cool fall morning, just 5 degrees (about 40 F) up here on the Niagara Escarpment but the sun is shining, there is no breeze.  We are warm and we are hiking a new trail. Tomorrow’s forecast is a couple of degrees cooler, rain and a gusty wind. Kind of makes today sound very inviting don’t you think?


Since I’ve retired and have a lot more time for hobbies I’m really enjoying my photography. Not only do I enjoy finding that different view to capture, I also am really getting into editing my favorite catches.

My editing app of choice these days is Snapseed by Google but there are  a lot more I play with from time to time as well. Here’s a few recent examples of me  turning  a photograph into a piece of art.  I want to credit Marilyn for the artistic side starting to come out. I used to think that lakes were mostly blue, but have now learned that they are never just one blue, but many.  ” Look at all the blues in that lake” she would often say when we passed a body of water. Struggle as I might, I could only see one. After ll these years I am finally starting to get it.

Here’s  a few pieces of photography on it’s way to being art:

“Get off the highway, take the trail.”

Once again, let me Thank you for the Read.