High In Fibre

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about how, when I was a young gaffer, I used to enjoy the date squares my mother made for us. Marilyn reads my blogs too (in fact she subscribed so that every morning I deliver one to her too); She had some extra time yesterday,  even after all the laundry, and we still had a big selection of dates, so she dug out a recipe. We know there are lots of oats in them and we certainly know that oats are high in fibre and help lower cholesterol. What other healthy things are in matrimonial cake? How about 1 1/3 cups of brown sugar and a half a cup of butter?

OK, maybe they’re not that healthy after all but they sure are good. I mean delicious good. Thanks Sweetie.

Two days ago we re-planted our almost ten-year old cacti in a new pot and added a couple of new cacti in the new pot to boot. If anyone knows why these cacti for any reason shall not be wed……. It was quite a ceremony!
Look at the new flowers they sprouted overnight. Now we know two things about our new cacti. Number one, they love it here, up on the dash of our coach, looking down the highway, and number two they must be girl cacti. I don’t think boy cacti would flower like that. Unless cactus are more like birds (where the men are the colorful ones) then people. I was watching some peacocks yesterday and boy were they ever pretty (as opposed to peahens. They’re pretty blah actually).
Does anybody have any idea how we got from high color to high bird fashion in just one little blog? Me neither. Who writes this crap? And why? Speaking of crap, that reminds me. Every week or ten days I dump our black water tank and today, before we head off to Phoenix, is the day.
I think that’s enough BS for one day, don’t you?
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Looks like I am returning to my youth; I used to have a paper route. And when I got home from delivering my papers my Mom gave me a matrimonial square. But that’s another story.

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4 thoughts on “High In Fibre

  1. I love the way you guys write “fibre.” It’s so classy. Not like underwear on a line. I’ll bet it even sounds classy when you say it.

    Now I want a date square, which should classically come before a matrimonial square. There should be many date squares before the matrimonial square.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. humm now you have me craving date squares..guess I’ll have to whip some up this weekend…good looking ones by the way….

  3. if watching catus grow is what you are down too,you must be ready to go back to work. lol Sorry about that swear word [ work ] Travel safe.

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