Hi-Ho Hi-Ho

It’s off to work I go.

Not so for Mar, she starts on Monday April 19 but I have the itch. I’ve been looking forward to getting back at it for a few weeks and I  have some customers thinking and looking, best I get on it.

5 thoughts on “Hi-Ho Hi-Ho

  1. Happy 65th Birthday
    Got your message but your number did not register on our phone
    we have been away on a cruise
    from puerta Rico
    send an e-mail with your cell number and will give you a call
    say Hi to Mar
    any baby yet???
    Glad to see you made it home safe
    followed your blog very interesting

  2. I saw Larry when I dropped our MH off for servicing yesterday.
    He really is happy to be back at work.

  3. Welcome home and Happy Belated 65th and happy back to work. We just crossed into Canada (in Vancouver) a few hours ago!! It is 7C and we are freezing, even the horses are wearing blankets. Our girls refuse to go out to do their business. We miss the heat of Mazatlan! Colin not as enthused re the return to work but at least he has some jobs waiting.

    What we want to hear is baby news!!!!

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