Her First “Offical” Art Show

If you ask Marilyn she’ll tell you she didn’t do well at her first visit to an honest to goodness “Art & Craft Sale”.

Truth is she had visits from a lot of folks she hasn’t seen in quite awhile, learned a lot about what you do and don’t do in sales like that and turned a small profit. I’d say not bad for her first time out.

If you’re thinking those folks visiting with Mar in her display look familiar you would be right, that’s daughter Pamela and future son-in-law James. Also there to say hello over the two days were Glen & Cheryl, Leo & Emmy,  Kathleen and Brian & Pat. Oh, and me, I dropped in too.  She really appreciated all the visitors.

Lucky dogs! With the profits of her weekend’s work, Buster and Angel got brand new doggie scarves. Sorry the picture is so dark. If it was a little lighter you could see that they both were really happy with their gifts.

There, that’s better. Now you can see their new scarves and if you look closely you’ll see their big smiles because Mommy bought them gifts. That and she’s offering them cookies.


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