Hats Off

I gotta hand it to you, you picked a good winter to go south. that’s if you did. No “Hats Off” to you if you didn’t though, no-sir-ee!

If I can say one very positive thing about this winter it would be that there certainly is  variety.

After a fourteen day (that’s really only two weeks, it just felt like four) extreme cold snap we had a day of spring followed by Thursday,  a day of  18  degrees (about 70 F). Marilyn had her bike out for a ride that day. That’s after we finished our gardening chores; the snow was all gone, the frost was out of the ground, we just about pulled out the lawn chairs and did have a cold beer.

marilyn riding bike

Every time Marilyn gets on that bike you see here grinning from ear to ear!


Yesterday we woke up to a temp of 14 on the plus side and went to bed with minus 14. We also got about 6″ of snow overnight. Today, as long as you’re in the sun and out of the wind it’s a gorgeous day.  Unfortunately that wind can cut you like a sharp knife.

shoveled driveway

Didn’t I do a great job with the snow shovel this morning! I’m so proud.


Our plans were to visit our favorite Port Dahlousie this afternoon and catch a few pictures of the sunset, just before slipping in to the Kilt. Saturday night special is a steak for eight bucks, we wouldn’t want to miss another one of those. We may, however, pass on the standing in the aforementioned wind for sunset pictures.

Cold or no, we are still having fun. Most days start with some exercise, followed by a hike, followed by a hobby or two, sometimes followed by happy hour.

Marilyn is busy learning all about her new sewing machine, and I’ve spent this week learning how to edit video. I’m starting to get the hang of it, a long way to go. No calls from Cecil B DeMille yet but, it’s the weekend….

winter scene

You gotta admit, that’s pretty

I did get a message from Time Magazine the other day though: They wanted to negotiate publication rights to all of my photographs in perpetuity no less. They were offering huge money too. I think he was really the brother of the guy that keeps warning me that I have a problem with my PayPal account. Or maybe his sister?

I’ll work on that video. You’ll see it here first.

Thanks for the read.

“Dear Winter: I’m breaking up with you. I think it’s time I start seeing other seasons”

3 thoughts on “Hats Off

  1. Toughing it out here in Brockville this winter and I recommend Scotch for that pesky cold.

  2. I understand Contessa. It’s hard to beat a Mexican beach in the winter, but we are having fun near the Lake Ontario beach.

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