Hasta Luego Pamela


Now that was quick! Fun for sure, but quick.

Our daughter Pamela arrived here in Mazatlan at about 4 pm last Saturday and this Saturday at about 2 we put her on a flight back to Toronto.

Last Saturday afternoon started with a surprise party for Mar.

Monday was a tour of Old Town Mazatlan including lunch in Plazuela Machado.

Tuesday it was a walk up to the lighthouse, then a scenic trip out to El Quelite. Wednesday Pam and I did a run through the Isla; (Imagine going for a run with your daughter through a dusty Mexican tropical village. I won’t be forgetting that one for a while!) followed by beach, blackjack and Blue Rodeo.

Thursday the ladies were back in Mazatlan, shopping as girls will do, and came home with the “mother of the bride” dress, shoes and accessories for Marilyn.  Now she is really ready for James and Pam’s August 6 wedding in Toronto.

Friday, a run with her mother on the beach followed by a few hours of major tanning on that same  beach.

A great sunset Friday night.

This morning we did a long beach walk with the puppies, followed by the sad but true trip the airport.

It seems to me the whole week lasted about as long as it took you to read this meager post.

Thanks Pam; That was fun.

We love you and we’ll see you in Toronto.

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