Happy Travelers

So here we are right on time, at the Walmart Super Center in Mishawaka, Indiana.We arrived at about 3pm, did our shopping, took the kids for a walk and are now enjoying a cold beer and free internet, I’m on Home Depot’s free public signal and Marilyn is on Sam’s Club’s (Free internet and cheap booze, maybe we do want to join Sams Club).

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, temp is on the mid 20’s (mid 70’s), skie are blue and as you can see our shopping trip was 100% successful.

We have searched and we have found the basic necessities of life. Black box, Angel Soft and of course dog food.  I ask you; what  more do we need?

Tomorrow we roll through Chicago and then head north into what we are told is the land of many colorful leaves. Today, as we made our way through northern Indiana we started to see just a bit of color.

We can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Happy Travelers

  1. Love Indiana, especially at this time of year.

    Now to the important stuff! Does this Angel Soft do the job? How does is compare to the Canadian stuff, Cascades in price and well you know, the rest of it. What about the RV TP?

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