Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an extremely important part of life in the RV lifestyle, so important in fact that before we left Canada we agreed that we would only particpate in happy hours on weekends. As we moved south and the weather became warmer, warmer, then moved in to hot and hotter we became thirsty and thirstier. So much so that before we knew it weekends lasted four or five days at a time. Once we got way south weekends were lasting weeks at a time to the point where finally happy hour was a part of everyday life. We talked about this on our way back north but talk is pretty much all that happened.

The Monday night before we left Monte Cristo RV Park in Edinburg (an area famous for fab happy hours) we were guests at our next door neighbor’s happy hour where he set up his Margarator. If you are not familiar with one of these modern wonders let me just tell you that it is one of Man’s great inventions and probably ranks right up there with the wheel and maybe the transistor.

I don’t usually even try drinks like Margaritas but everyone was absolutely raving about how good these Margarator margaritas were I thought I should try one. It was amazing, so amazing I thought I better double check my taste buds with another. It was at least as good as the first one, maybe even better. You know where this is going, don’t you?

Tuesday morning early and bright (maybe not that bright) we both got on the wagon and promised that we would stay there til the weekend. But this time the real weekend. I want you to know that beer on Saturday afternoon tasted pretty fine. And the wine with dinner was excellent as well. This morning though, we are back on the wagon, this week til a dinner date on Thursday evening.

Wish us luck!