Happy Birthday Buster

This story starts in the spring of 2001. We have just moved out of our condo and into our first coach, preparing for our first kick at this full-time RV lifestyle thing.

Marilyn has decided that if we are going to be thousands of miles away from our kids she might like a “motor home sized” dog to keep us and our cat Pebbles company as we travel North America. My contribution was to state that if we got a dog we would call it Buster after my dog I got for my 4th birthday. “But,  what if the dog is female?” she asks. “We will call her Buster” I respond. So on a sunny Saturday morning  her and our daughter Pam head out “just to look.”

On the way they stop at a bank machine and withdraw $500, “just in case.”

By mid afternoon, they visit me at work and show off their new ball of black and white fuzz who is coincidentally male and named Buster.

He’s cute as all get out and we love him but we learn very quickly that he’s a puppy mill dog and is very sickly. Over the next couple of months we nurse him back to health, he grows like crazy  as he too prepares for life as a motor home sized dog.

By late October we are in Mexico where he learns how to bark in Spanish.  While in Cabo San Lucas he gets fixed by a vet in the Baja for the Canadian equivalent of $35.

By 2006 Marilyn decides that he’s lonely and needs a friend, so soon it’s “Buster meet Angel”.

Life is pretty good to our boy until September of ’13 when he has his stroke. By this spring he is still improving every day and is 98% recovered.

Which brings us to today, his 13th birthday.

Wasn’t that a party!

Happy Birthday Bud!

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” –Groucho Marx

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Buster

  1. Happy Birthday Buster!
    Stella (and the humans) are so sorry we missed it. I know you will save her a party hat :)))

  2. Happy Birthday Buster boy….you had us all worried there last fall..hope you have many more birthdays!!!

  3. A very special birthday wish to my even more special boy. Hard to believe you are already 13.

  4. Wow,we remember when you guy’s first come to Cabo,with that little ball of hair,boy 13 years Larry it doesn’t seem possible,auntie Lee say’s happy woof day,have a good summer you guys……..G/L

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