Hamilton Cops Issue Tickets To Safe Drivers

We don’t usually do news stories and certainly shouldn’t be doing it now, but this is amazing!

According to CHCH TV in Hamilton Ontario Hamilton Police, during their annual Drive Alive program,are ticketing both impaired drivers as well as their sober driving friends.

While the impaired drivers lose their licenses for a few days or hopefully  longer, their buddies, who decided to have a pint at home instead, are issued vouchers for tickets to Hamilton Bulldogs hockey games.

Hurray for Hamilton (with out question, Canada’s most picked on city), and the Bulldogs for thinking outside the box. I think it’s cool to find someone in hockey thinking about giving back to their fans and community instead of what their professional owners and  brothers who spend their days working on propping up their very own bank accounts.

Nice touch I think. And you?


3 thoughts on “Hamilton Cops Issue Tickets To Safe Drivers

  1. Toronto is doing the same, although they are giving out tickets, front row only, to watch Toronto Maple Leaf players fight the owners.

  2. Better Hockey. Better feeling. Better all round. Somebody needed to start the fire maybe it will spread. Crongrats Hamilton and you too Larry.

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