Grumpy and Hungry

Both Marilyn and I are working extremely hard this morning at just being cheerful and helpful. Neither one of us wants to disturb the other because we both know that on this particular morning any minor disturbance could be disastrous. It would be a crying shame to blow a happy almost 32 years of marriage over one measly morning without coffee.

You see today we  are both going for lab tests, all part of the welcome back procedure us snowbirds endure when we return home. Because of the lab tests we are both fasting, from 9pm last evening until our appointments at about 9:30 this morning.

So from nine last night, nothing but water. That means no coffee (what the F do you mean, no coffee? sorry, lost it there for a minute. I’m OK now, honest) and no food. We have agreed that immediately after our tests we will rendezvous at the Tim Hortons across the street.

We will both get to enjoy a romantic bagel and an extra large coffee. I think my bagel is going to be a Cinnamon and Raisin.


2 thoughts on “Grumpy and Hungry

  1. Never mind that, there’s that whopping headache that I get whenever I have to go through one of these fasting ordeals. It’s a clear indication that I’m addicted to coffee.
    Try to keep your wits about you.
    And the matrimonial bliss intact.

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