Great Job! Wrong Color

This morning we said goodbye to our Toronto condo for the week and headed off down the QEW highway to our now newly repaired coach. As we reached the halfway point in our 90 minute voyage from Toronto to Smithville we get some bad news. The paint is not the right color, it’s too gold. There is no choice, they need to re-paint the one color. Our home will be one more day. So for today our week in the city includes a drive in the country. We are now back at our temporary digs in the city. Coincidentally we are just in time for happy hour. Cheers to Better luck tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Great Job! Wrong Color

  1. A drive in the country and back in time for Happy Hour, wow you two are skilled. Perfection is worth waiting for, so have another drink and wait for the paint to dry. Cheers!

  2. how disappointing…but at least you made it back for Happy Hour…good show…hope they get it right the 2nd time…

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