Great Investment Opportunity!

I mentioned yesterday that we are just weeks away from heading out for the winter and as you can imagine we have been asking ourselves  “Did we make enough money over the summer to pay for all this?”. We’re going to be just fine but I will admit that I have been looking around for an extra income stream that comes our way whether we are working or not. Let’s face it, nobody ever has too much money.

Today it hit me:

This stuff is gold!

As I empty them I collect  empty beer and liquor cans in a Recycle Box I keep in the back of the truck. Today  I took the cans and bottles back to the Beer Store. They gave me $12.10. 

All I had to do to earn $12.10 was drink a little beer. 

I can do that.

In fact, if I do say so myself, I’m quite good at it. I can’t do it to full time yet because I still have to work but think where we’ll be we finish work for the winter. Forget your favorite Ponzi scheme. This is the real deal! You can watch your investment grow, you can feel it or play with it anytime you want and when your investment matures (the recycle box, now called the Safety Deposit Box,  gets full) you just reinvest in more raw material. Let’s face it, you’re then anyway. See, it’s even energy efficient.

Just think, Tax Free profits, when ever you want, where ever you want.

If you need further information on how this great Investment Opportunity could work for you, why not come over for a beer…Anytime.