Grandma’s Got A Brand New Toy

It’s been about a month since we saw, he, his Mom and Dad. They’ve been gone for about a month, they  did a “meet the great grandparents” trip out through Manitoba and Alberta. Aiden is now 3 1/2 months old and weighs over 20 pounds. Talk about a good looking kid! You can see the resemblance. He and I have exactly the same rolls on our belly.

Yes, I got to hold him too.

I don’t want to be wishing my life away but it all kinda makes me look forward to catching up with Cameron and Abby when we get to Edmonton in about 10 weeks or so.

3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Got A Brand New Toy

  1. Hi Larry and Marilyn:
    Thank you for the note and the attachment regarding Mexico!!
    We truly agree wth you, it does make one wonder what to do.
    We are in a pretty good situation being as that we do not leave until right after Christmas. Our plan is to see how you folks make out and then go from there. Now that is sitting inthe bush, as things could be fine until January and then all hell could break lose when we leave! who knows!
    We have decided that this time we will not stop at the Pemex as we did have a couple incidents last year, coming and going.
    As our son has said to us, ‘why can’t you go to Florida like the rest of the old folks’ and he doesn’t know the half of it, as we do not ‘bother’ to tell the kids what goes on, only if they hear it on the news up here.
    It is such a beautiful place and would be hard to give up. We have done a lot of travelling in the states, but the water is the big attraction for us.
    Your grand baby is so sweet. Now the test comes when you have to be away from him for so long. I am already thinking about coming back next winter to see Samuel. I find the four months just too long to be away.
    We are going on a camping weekend with a camping group that we have joined It is our first trip so looking forward to it.
    We have also booked a trip to China in September for a month so that is going to be pretty neat, I think.
    We are going to come down that way one of these days to see 50 point.
    Hope all is well.
    Regards Don and Barb

  2. One month in China, wow! You will love that. We spent about 10 days there a few years ago. It was amazing. You lucky kids!!

  3. I do think you have hit this just right. You made some good points and I ‘m delighted to discover someone with this particular mindset. You could have a couple of haters due to this, but I am sure you will live.

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