Grand Parent Task


For the very first time ever we have been assigned a  real grandparent task:

Our mission, and we gladly accepted it, is to pick up 8 year old grandson Cameron at a prearranged school bus stop and bring him back to our coach to await the arrival of his mother, Tracy, father and sister, that’s Mike and Abby. We are to begin this task at precisely 3:55 this afternoon. Best we are not late. If we are we could risk losing our “grandparent” status. If (perish the thought) that was to happen, how would we handle it when the happy hour conversation inevitably turns to “grandchildren”.  We would probably be asked to leave the circle until the conversation got back to “politics” or something dreary like that.

It’s just after seven in the morning and we have already discussed what time we will need to leave the RV park so we are not late. Actually, to be completely honest with you, we covered all that stuff yesterday. The alarms are set, our secret pick up zone location has been safely input in the GPS. The truck is idling outside.

If we are successful (and all the early practise runs and rehearsals say we can pull it off) our reward for all this is that this evening, once we are all assembled, `we get to introduce our western family to Festivus II, the Western Edition, a great follow up to our now traditional Festivus celebration  before we leave Ontario. And just think what can happen if we can pull that off. Imagine, at some point in our future, getting them all together, east and west, for Festivus, the National Edition.

I can dream.