We decided a week or two ago that we would make our way home through Memphis. We even thought we would drop in to Graceland and see what all the hype was about. Then, as we got closer, we started to think it throough a bit more. We have the Elvis channel on our Sirius and don’t listen to it for half an hour a month. Elvis has not only “left the building”, he apparently just celebrated his 35th anniversary of not celebrating anything anymore.
The basic entrance package for 2 is about $60, the closest RV park won’t even post their rates (never a good sign).
Did I mention we hardly ever do museums? Did I mention we are not good at most cities? I bet I didn’t even mention that we hate being ripped off.
About an hour south of Memphis we switched Sirius over to the Elvis channel, took the admission price and got the motorhome and the truck washed.
We enjoyed that decision all afternoon, especially after we changed the channel to Jimmy Buffet Radio.

5 thoughts on “Graceland

  1. We almost did the same as you a few years ago (not real Elvis fans), But my sister said we gotta do it. Well we did it just to shut her up and and really enjoyed a whole day walking thru the relatively small Graceland mansion, Unchanged from the 70’s, like I remember when. All of the outfits, gold records and vehicles he owned just blew us away. And could walk from the Heartbreak Hotel campground. Then took a sightseeing tour of Memphis.

    But its always nice to have a clean coach too.

  2. That’s the sort of thing we’d enjoy if we’d boondocked for free somewhere nearby, and then someone drove us to the door and paid our admission, then waited outside while we toured. Does that mean I’m not a fan?

  3. Not a big fan of being a fan. Of anyone.
    My wife likes to listen to Elvis, but there was a time right around Christmas when I said, “That’s it! No more Elvis Christmas music!” and went out and bought something more traditional on CD. So considering I had to actually go out and spend money to NOT listen to Elvis.
    Well, I think you get the idea.
    But sixty bucks for two? Yikes, I can get a yearly pass to something like five different museums here in Vienna for about that much.. A YEARLY pass.
    But hey, it’s whatever the market will bear I suppose. Gotta take the money for the Silverhairs.
    I think I’d sooner go for the cleaner coach as well.

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