Good Looking, Just Like His Grampas

Meet Aiden Lawrence Vanstone.

When you see this two grampas together you realize the kid is very blessed. He definetly comes from great stock. Some kids are just luckier than others I guess. He is 7 pounds, 12 ounces and about 22 inches long  and healthy. As you can imagine, both Grandmas are thrilled.

The real “moment” for me though, was seeing the look in our son Jason’s eyes as he held his new baby boy. No question, the kid will be well fathered.

5 thoughts on “Good Looking, Just Like His Grampas

  1. Welcome to the world Aiden! The circle of life continues. You are very lucky to be part of such a very special family. Did you know that your Grampa & Gramma attended a baby shower in Mazatlan for a wee baby girl born the same day as you were?

  2. Hi, How are you doing? All is great in Kelowna. Last week was a blast. We became GREAT grand parents. The little girl was born on April 20. Lilith Paige (Lily) is what she will be called . What a wonderful feeling as both are doing very well. We plans a trip in July to the praires. We are going to Seattle for June 29 (Jeff’s birthday then carry on east on I-90 to North Dakota the up to Estevan. Then back through Calgary then back to Kelowna. Looking forward to see old friends. Bye for now. Gertie & Vern

  3. I just left a comment that I am not sure went through. We are now GREAT GRAND PARENTS!!! April 20 Lilith Paige (Lily) Lobsac. 7.5 lbs. Feel great as all are doing fine. We are great in Kelowna too.
    Bye for now. Gertie & Vern

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