Good Grief Charlie Brown

So this great weekend starts on Friday afternoon. Marilyn and I go for a long walk to the Market Square area of downtown Santa Rosa. While there, checking out the many touristy shops we drop into a Wine Co-operative for some tasting. The deal is wine is $10 per glass or $10 for a “taste” of four different local wines. But, if you buy a bottle the tastings are all free. We tasted some amazing wines and we like to save money so we decide we should buy a bottle. I mean $10 is ten dollars right?
We are a little confused on how the pricing works but choose a bottle of the stuff we like the best of our tasting flight. Turns out it’s $38 per bottle. We’re into it now and besides we’re saving $10, right? So, with tax $38 becomes $42 something.
We are walking home very carefully when we run into Woodstock.
Marilyn is in a bit of a festive mood because Saturday is her birthday, Woodstock reminds her of her youth (handy when you are about to turn 58) and hey, even though we didn’t have much to drink, it was really good wine. So she invites the bird to share her “birthday” wine with her. Woodstock says no, he’s gotta fly, so he can’t come to Marilyn’s party but Charile Brown is having a party on Sunday so why don’t we all hook up there? We accept.
Saturday we head off to the little town of Sonoma to see the sights and even sampled a couple more local wines. The make good stuff here.

Anyway, we’re a little excited about Charlie’s party and Sunday morning we are ready.

Woodstock is right; Charlie Brown is having a party. November 19th may be Marilyn’s, Brian’s and Sue’s birthday but November 26 was Charles Schulz’s (creator of Charlie Brown +)  birthday and they are having that party November 20..

So, anyway, what did you do this weekend?

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