We Are Good To Go

James and Pam admire their first born Evie

Usually by late November we are somewhere far south, thinking how lucky we are that we are missing all the crappy weather this time of year is so famous for back in the North. This year though, we are living with the below freezing temperatures and the accumulating snow. This year, we waited here 50 Point for the birth of our daughters first child. And waited, and waited.
Monday evening at 10:07 Evie arrived and you need to know she was worth the wait. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces with curly brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. As I held her for the first time I thought how much things had changed since I held her mother in a similar swaddling cloth a mere 31 years ago.

Mother, father and child are all doing just fine and that means that Grandma is good to go play for a few months. Believe it or not, so is Grampa.

Road Ready

We head out Sunday morning. To where you ask? This year we have chosen to go south. We are not sure where south but we are sure we hope to find somewhere warn south. Who knows, at some point over the next few months we could be tapping on your door saying “Howdy Neighbor”

Starting Sunday for the next few months you can call me “the Travelling Man”

4 thoughts on “We Are Good To Go

  1. We have the Windows open here in az. The cal am parks have a sPecial, you can stay until dec 31st for $595,not a month ,it ran from sept to end of dec. They have lots of amenities, and great happy hours.we r in mesa at val vistA,just a thought

  2. Good news. Take it easy while in the snow, I don’t want to be seeing you two+ on TV.
    PS did you pick up a set of chains and snow shovel at Canadian tire? Just kidding, but for those of us already in the hot climes I just could not resist!

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