One thought on “Dale and Sheila Ducarme

  1. Hey you two, so glad I’ve been able to connect with you somehow. My laptop crashed and I lost all of my contacts. Last contact I had with you was you were staying in the Waterloo area. I hope you are enjoying it if you are still there it is such a lovely area. Dave & I are doing well and loving our downsized life. I am enjoying my new job at Mappins and I am getting almost fulltime hours.
    Katie has made a new friend named Frisky and and now they are are an item. It seems Katie has a boyfriend, oh well I guess it had to happen some time.
    When you get a chance can you send your contact info. to me so I can get you back into my contact list. Hope to hear from you soon, just so you know we love you Dave & Colleen xxoxoxo

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