Good Friends

Summer neighbors Brian and Glenda meet us for dinner

Summer neighbors Brian and Glenda meet us for dinner

We are out for a walk with the dogs in the woods near our RV park when we meet a gal walking her dog the other way. We stop, she stops, the dogs stop and we strike up a conversation. We are in the area for a few days, she has lived nearby for 15 years. As the conversation is winding down, she randomly asks “have you been to the Golden Lion?” She explains that this a local eatery has the reputation for the best fish and chips on the Florida Atlantic coast and we should go.
Later, back at our coach, we check our email. One message; Our next door neighbors all summer at 50 Point aremBrian and Glenda and they are about 30 miles away and are wondering where we are headed.

Now, over the summer we’ve become pretty good friends with these guys. We’ve shared a few cups, some good food and some great times.
We should get together and do dinner. Humm! But where? How about the Golden Lion?

Our random new friend on the path was right: The fish and chips were great. So was the company. We get to comparing our plans for the rest of the winter and it turns out we have both booked the same RV park for the month of February. Wouldn’t it be crazy if they wound up being our neighbors in Pensacola too?

I’ll give you a dollar

We came across these two plants on our daily walks around Bulow RV Park. Everyone agrees the first on is a mushroom and the second one are pretty little berries, but no one can get any more specific. Give me the real names and I’ll give you a buck.

“Even chance meetings are the result of karma… Things in life are fated by our previous lives. That even in the smallest events there’s no such thing as coincidence.” Haruki Murakami

7 thoughts on “Good Friends

  1. Well you are right, it is where the people are. How about a southern progressive dinner in February . We are looking to be in Pensacola first week feb to meet our friends before starting west. What park:)?

  2. What a stunning berry! Here you go: American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) boasts clumps of minuscule pale-pink flowers in spring. These sprawling native shrubs need minimal attention and irrigation yet provide interest all year long. In late summer flowers give way to tight clusters of stunning, metallic-purple berries that, when ripe, feed voracious birds. They are common in Gulf Coast gardens.

  3. Way to go Anne! I owe you a dollar, or if you would prefer, a glass of a fine wine when we next meet. Thanks

  4. Wine would be better! Sounds like you two are having a great time. BTW, our Shaw dish still works great down here in PS, except the channels in the 500.. which are on the new satellite. So we do not have local BC news in HD – but we can live with that.

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