Golden Hill State Park

Last week we were on our way out to Golden Hill State Park in New York State for a few days and while we were getting ready to go Putt-Putt’s entrance door wouldn’t open. I pushed and I pulled. I even swore big nasty words and still I was not getting in or out.

I asked Dr Google for advice and he explained how my lock assembly had broken, he even told me how to fix it. But it was a holiday with nothing open so we decided to make do. We have a driver and a passenger door as well. So for 4 or 5 days we went in and out in the passengers door. Not particularity convenient but way better than staying home.

We’ve been to Golden Hill before, a couple of years ago. Marilyn was so taken by the 30 Mile Lighthouse there that she came home and painted it. It took her many hours over three months (there’s a lot of bricks in that building) but it looks good and we see it everyday, because it now hangs in our dining room.

Remember this Painting?

30 Mile Lighthouse


Here is the real thing

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The park is only about an hour from home, right on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The sites are large, fairly level, most with power and water.

It features beautiful sunsets and lots of hiking and biking.

Did I mention it has Yurts?

I wonder who that cute blond girl is? See her, she has a little dog. I’d like to meet her. Wish me luck.

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Now we’re back home, dreaming of our next RV trip and little Putt-Putt is waiting for her turn to be repaired at Sicard RV.

She’s been such a fun little RV that we bought her a gift. While she’s there she gets a wi-fi booster antenna installed. I just know she’s going to love it. I will too. It’s supposed to boost the signal by 3. Stat tuned for that.

Perhaps a word from my sponsor would be a good idea

lavender color purse

Marilyn’s Latest Creation

She finished this one last week and sold it today. This started out as a fun hobby where she shops for new and different fabrics, make up some funky and stylish combinations, bring it all home, create a purse. Now it’s really fun because every time she sells one she needs to go and shop for more fabric.

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Thanks again for the read.

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  1. Always fun to read your blogs! I’d remembered seeing the painting, nice to see the “real thing”.
    Sounds and looks like a beautiful park and so close to home.

  2. Wonderful photos Larry. Look forward to visiting this park with you & that good looking blonde & her sweet doggie.

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