And then you are going to do what?


We brought home this haul including 4 wine on our bikes

We brought home this haul including 4 wine on our bikes

We mentioned the other day that  we were making some more changes in our life. As we discuss our plans with friends everyone nods in agreement with all our ideas until they get to “What are kind of a car are you going to pull?”.

“We’re not pulling a car”, we say, “We’re going to try it carrying our bikes”. “Of course you are!” they respond while shaking their heads, thinking that we have completely lost our nut.

"Load us down" say our bikes "we can take it"

“Load us down” say our bikes “we can take it”

We always like to eat, therefore we always need groceries. And every once in while you need to find a big grocery store to fill in the blanks left from the small markets, veggie stores, liquor stores, you know what I mean.

We were off for a bike ride this morning, and we needed the big store, so we grabbed our bike saddle bags and a back pack and off we went. Coincidentally, there was a big grocery store (almost Super Center big) at the half-way point of our ride today so at that point we wished our riding partners “Adios” and headed off to the Mega.

While there we buy 4 bottles of vino tinto (red wine) and the groceries we need, then pack our bike bags and head out for the return to Stone Island.

So can we live without a car when we travel?

On our bikes, it felt like we carried 40 or 50 pounds of groceries over 15 miles including on and off a water taxi to get home. So, not a bad day, 30 miles on our bikes and a well stocked fridge. I admit that we weren’t late for happy hour that day, and the first one did go down kind of quick.

So we say yes we can. And if we can’t bike it, there always buses, taxis and who can forget car rentals.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”-David Allen
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Mazatlan is famous for it’s sunsets. Just for dropping by we would like you to have this one for your very own. Enjoy!

Another Isla de la Piedra sunset

Another Isla de la Piedra sunset


2 thoughts on “And then you are going to do what?

  1. The bike option is certainly viable, even though I find the bikes available in North America are somewhat lacking in terms of usefulness, you can get a rack to fit most anything and strap on a set of saddle bags. I carted a lot of groceries home on the bike when we lived in The Netherlands.
    Picking up the dry cleaning though? That was a challenge, but I managed. Just had to take care with one handed braking.
    Good luck.

  2. Never thought about laundry Bob.I guess I just have to get Marilyn to stop wearing her long flowing gowns to happy hour.

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