Go North Young Man

So yesterday we leave Galveston Island bright and early and to avoid Houston and Houston traffic we take the ferry back to the mainland. We work our way up to I-10, roll through eastern Texas, into Louisiana and head up US 165.
I agree that when you’re in a hurry, and you really have some place to get to, interstates are the way to go. But when it’s all about the voyage as opposed to the destination we always prefer to leave the interstates for those in a hurry.
Now early afternoon, still on 165, every few miles theres another little Louisiana hamlet. We are loving this drive!
What’s this you say?

Isn’t that a different cloud! 15 minutes later, we are still watching this sucker grow, traffic seems to be disappearing and I’m beginning to wonder what we are getting ourselves in for? Like maybe we should be getting the hell out of here. I’m thinking the bad news that it’s a storm, the good news it’s a fire. What am I thinking? How selfish am I? “Good News it’s a fire? That’s one big fire!

Good News! It is a fire.
Looks like a controlled burn. Only the grass was burning, not the trees.
We arrive at the welcome sign of Walmart in Monroe, Louisiana. The temperature is in the mid 80’s lot’s of humidity and a bright blue sky.
We take the dogs for a long walk. When we return Marilyn goes into the store (we always ask) gets the “Yes Mam” from the gal behind the service counter, picks up a “Market Place” you bake pizza and two bottles of Perrier water.
Wasn’t that a party!

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