Gluten Free Chat

We start every day with a breakfast shake

Last night, while enjoying another delicious gluten-free dinner with Dale and Sheila the conversation got around to the differences we notice as we decrease the gluten in our diet. The Ducarmes have been off the gluten for three or four weeks now while we are just a few days away from 4 months. So while what ever changes we are seeing could just be coincidental as time marches on we begin to think that gluten really is the culprit.
I asked the question about what changes everyone was noticing. Marilyn responded first about me and my mood swings, something that I had missed all together. Up to 4 months ago, you could call me anything you wanted, but you certainly could not call me late for dinner. When I got hungry, my moods would swing wildly. I would become nastier and meaner until I got some food (preferably some bread) into my belly. As soon as I had some food I would settle down. She points out that doesn’t happen anymore. Sheila agreed, saying that her mood swings had disappeared as well.

Grilled Portabello Salad with roasted peppers, gorgonzola & balsamic. Thanks to Duke's lazy Loggerhead Cafe, Jupiter Fl.

Grilled Portabello Salad with roasted peppers, gorgonzola & balsamic. Thanks to Duke’s lazy Loggerhead Cafe, Jupiter Fl.

I used to have huge problems with heartburn after eating my all time favorite food, bread. My typical lunch was a sandwich (made with home-made bread, none of that store bought crap for me) or two, always followed by a handfull of Tums to kill the stomach upset. Now, no bread usually means no heartburn. I still get a bit from prepared foods (like the Campbell’s soup for lunch the other day) but nothing like what the bread did to me.
As Marilyn showed off her now almost child-like tender hands, the conversation continued. Two people reporting that their bowels work much better than they used to, two reporting substantially reduced joint and muscle pain.
Can we credit all those changes to kicking wheat? I’m not sure that’s all of it, but what I am sure of is that we’re not having gluten and as my buddy Glen would say “LG, Life is Good”

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