Global Warming?

Today’s weather is brought to you by..  

Who in their right mind would sponsor a weather report like this?

Here’s some of the latest temperatures thanks to Google:

  • -25 C,  with the wind-40: Edmonton, Alberta ( that’s -13 farenheit before the wind)
  •  2C,  winds calm: Toronto, Ontario (36f)
  • 3C, no wind: Sacramento California (38f)
  • 6C, light wind: Rockport Texas 43f
  • 11C, light winds: Yuma Arizona 52f
  • 25C, light winds: Mazatlan, Mexico 80f
  • 27C, light winds: Port Charlotte, Florida 86f


20131206_125744I picked these cities because we know someone who either lives in, or is visiting each one of them. How come we are in the warmest part of the continent  you ask?  I’d like to call it good management but we all remember that we were originally  headed for Arizona this winter.

I think most of us better make sure we know all the words to Anne Murray’s song Snowbird

“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping
When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.” 
-Dr Seuss



3 thoughts on “Global Warming?

  1. Glad to know you are using your A/C tonight as our furnace tries to keep up with the cold. As I was reading your post the TV is showing just how nasty the weather was today in northern Texas. Makes us thankful our temperatures are just above freezing. Yikes! On a positive note many Texas municipalities have enacted laws to ban talking or texting while driving. Yeah Texas!!!!

  2. Helllllo Guuysss,
    that’s not misspeeled that’s emailing from outside our apt. I don’t comment on just any articles but when you excluded us” summerbirds” in sunnnny f…dk…….. Manitoba. makes me think u don’t even know us any more..HAhA ok I’m not crying but it’s 27 FFF below zero o that’s Fahrenheit. but who cares..same dam thing at that temp. and windchill of 41 whatever..
    can you tell I’m sort of pissed being here or is it the choices we make.
    We’re frozen and going to our friends for dinner and a thaw out
    Luv yuall
    G and M

  3. Too bad you picked a cold winter to stay home! But then, I guess in Manitoba they are all cold. That’s probably why it’s called winter.
    We’re in Bradenton and when we stopped at the Flying J at I-4 and 75 the other day we thought about you guys.

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