Getting To Know The Neighbors

We’ve been here at the Big O  for about ten days now and I have to say for the most part every body is real friendly.
Only one stands out as being a little stand-off-ish but even he has since come around.  I’m talking about Big  Al here and like a lot of retired southern gentlemen, he spends a lot of his day just settin.
As we walk or ride our bikes back and forth through the park these guys remind me of the old joke about the retired couple.
She asks him what he is going to do today. He replies “nothing”. She responds ” that’s what you’ve been doing all week”, he says “I ain’t finished yet”
Al is like that. He spends his days just sitting. So we got to talking one day, after all we have a lot to share. I’ve never talked to an alligator mississippiensis (that’s the big word for alligator) and he has never talked to anyone from Canada.

By the way the big word for Larry is Lawrence. I’m not sure why we have big words when small ones will do but I remember my mommy saying ” your name is Lawrence but we are going to call you Larry”  Huh??

Anyway he’s not sure how old he is “cuz he never had no formal schoolin” but he does know he was the first ever resident of this park. In fact for the first couple of years he served as president of the park  condo association. Then the old people got involved and they got going with their politics….he went back to sittin.
His favorite time of year is spring because as soon as us snowbirds go home Al and all the other alligators get busy with mating season. He even offered to take me down to the swamp and introduce me to some of his best ladies, you know, the ones he has  plans for this spring.

I thanked him but declined.
He asked about Buster and Angel. You know, regular questions like how did they get their names, are they from Canada too, do they taste as good as they look, that kind of stuff.

Just like the rest of the southern gentlemen, here he would have talked all day, or at least until the sun went down. We promised each other we would hook up again before we went home. He said, no problem, take your time, just be gone by mating season.

Cold Front

We’ve been suffering a bit over here on this coast. 80 something degrees everyday with no let up in sight. Until today, now it’s 20% chance of rain (it’s raining right now), and a high of 75. About time! We are supposed to be in the 70’s for the next few days.

“Just for the record, the weather today is calm and sunny, but the air is full of bullshit.”
Chuck Palahniuk

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  1. It’s nice that you finally met up with Big Al and had that lengthy conversation. We have run across a few of his cousins here in the Louisiana swamps. And by the way they taste pretty good too! (better than dog).If you get the chance.

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