George Nicholson Trail

Let’s go for a hike on the George Nicholson Trail

After this morning’s rain storm, the clouds parted and the sun peaked out. It looked like the perfect morning for a bit of a hike. We harnessed up Angel, hopped in the car and headed off to Port Weller, an area of St Catharines where the Welland Canal meets the south shore of Lake Ontario. 

Today we’re headed for the George Nicholson Memorial Trail.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately and the forests are looking very lush. Throw in the fact that the trees are starting to show some colour and today a temperature  in the low 70’s, it all seemed to good to pass up.

It was perfect! We were early, the sky was clearing. we even passed a big ship heading North on the  Canal. When we reached the lighthouse at the end of the trail we grabbed another 360, and headed back. We were back home sipping coffee by 11:00am

There are some fun things you can do with 360 photos as well and one of them is to create “tiny planets”. A tiny planet looks like this:

Take me to your leader.

“Don’t worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet”

Thanks once again for the read.

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