Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

I apologize for the crap on the pictures. I didn’t want to take my good camera to an event that busy.
It was a picture perfect Arizona spring day. With the temperature in the mid 80’s, not a cloud in the sky, we are with Glen and Myrna at our first ever Nascar race. We are sitting in the 25th row near turn 4. Great seats, great day, great memories.

Lots of fender benders but no serious collisions (boy do those cars move and double boy, are they ever noisy!)  Add in more than 100,000 people to watch and it all makes for a great day.

Missed story of the day

There were acres of high end  motorhomes parked in the infield, you know what I mean, the couple of million dollar jobs. But look down next to the helicopter, see the two smaller coaches? The one to your left has a  shiny bright red Hummer parked behind it. The RV salesman in me sees this plain little motorhome, classy truck combo and thinks I should meet those folks. He is probably in the market for a shiny new coach so he can be like the big boys. I see no one around the motorhome. That’s strange because most RV’s in the infield have people partying on their roof, watching the race. Finally with a couple of laps left in the 312 lap race a young couple come out of the RV. She grabs him, gives him an extremely passionate embrace, one of those”Damn that was good” ones if you know what I mean. They’re embracing, her leg is arching up, it’s going to be the perfect picture. I’m bringing my camera up, a truck goes by between us, my camera misses the whole thing.
For us, we had the time of ours lives watching that race. For the young couple, they too had the time of their life and there will be another race.



3 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

  1. I thought you were there to watch the races not checking on the sweet young things coming out of motor homes. Leave it to eagle eye Larry looking for another prospective customer. Sounds like a fun noisy day.

  2. “A hot day”? *snort* Or a “hot date”? Waka waka.

    Well, it can certainly be an “education” if a person is willing to just look around, possibly for the unusual. Was it the sound of the roaring cars? Something got those two going. Do you think she was running a “service”?
    Let’s not go there.
    Looks like you enjoyed the race.

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