Yesterday morning, bright and early we hooked up the puppies and headed out to say goodbye to the Pacific Ocean at Oceanside. We went specifially yesterday because there was supposed to be 10 to 12 foot waves coming in. Turns out the ocean was there, but the big waves were not.
There were however, an awful lot of people out there enjoying the day. Marilyn counted the surfers, because that’s what accountants do (even retired accountants apparently) and said there were a gazzillion surfers out there. I didn’t check her numbers exactly but they did look like ants on an ant hill out there in the water. On the beach there were hundreds of people participating in exercise classes, oodles of runners, joggers and another gazzillion or two riding their fancy road bikes in their spandex shorts and colorful jerseys. It was one impressively busy place.

What exactly is a Gazzillion you ask?

How does it differ from a Kazzilion?

I asked Marilyn that question and she did her best to answer me.   I understand her really well until she starts with the “has to be debit for each credit” routine. When that happens my mind just goes AWOL.

Please don’t even ask me about a debit.

Anyway, about Gazillions; It sounds like a big bunch. I think it’s kind of like a Gigabite, which I think I was told once is 1017 webpages. They tell you that before you sign the 3 year contract for you new MiFi. Then it turns out that a gigabite is about half that stupid cat video your best bud who has the unlimited data plan forwarded you because it was the best video ever. It also turns out that a gigabite costs $10. And it turns out I really don’t like cats.

I’ve been studying my new camera lately. Yesterday I learned about the “contnuous shooting feature”. I have close to a hundred (now there’s a number I can understand) pictures of that wave coming in. I’ll show you them all if you want…. I thought not. It is neat though, you can actually watch the wave curl and the surf break. I think next I will learn about HD Video. That’s probably even more fun. Maybe you would like to see that.

So there’s our last look at the California coast for this year. Next up is a look at Arizona desert and who knows what after that. Joking aside though, we love the ocean and southern California ocean is a great place to be.

I wonder how many Gazzillion grains of sand there are in the Arizona desert?

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  1. That’s really funny! I’m glad there are accountants so that someone is keeping track of surfers on the beach, joggers in the sand, grains in the hourglass … And, thanks for the layman’s guide to gigabite rationing.

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