Gas Prices Dropping!


Honest! they are. I’m not sure where diesel was this morning but gas was at $106.9 per litre. For those of you who are metrically challenged (like me), that works out to about C$4.80 per Canadian Gallon. That’s pretty close to $5 right Are we going to change our travel plans? Not likely. Will Mar still get to enjoy her red wine? Maybe we should put that to a vote: Fuel or Wine? On second thought; Maybe Not!

Last night we had a great conversation with our good friends Garth and Lee. Garth had a serious operation on an aneurism last year. It hit him hard. He was one sick puppy the last couple of times we talked to him but seems to be on the mend now. He was telling me that after the operation, when they put all the pieces back in his body they only got a couple of them mixed up.Now when he wants to pee he just lifts his left arm. Move that bucket a little to the left Lee.Welcome Back Garth!