Galleta Meadows Estate, Borego Springs

Marilyn and a Raptor

What a great day that was! We hitched up our ponies (aka puppies) and headed out over the mountains to Borego Springs.

It’s about an hour’s drive from base camp here in Aguana, mostly ¬†through big ranch country with grazing cattle on lots of open range. That’s until you get within about 7 miles of Borego. In that last seven miles you drop more than 3,000 ft with some amazing views out over the valley on the way down.

Other than acres of grapefruit and orange orchards, there is not much to Borego Springs. Not much at all until you near Galleta Meadows. We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce for directions and headed off out of town. After a couple of miles off to the right we see a large elephant, then another, then a mother giraffe and baby. This is geting interesting!

For the next couple of hours, we enjoyed “Probably one of the most amazing days we’ve had on this trip”. Last year I was absolutely blown away by a day spent on the big tuna boat Azteca 6. Yesterday with the sculptures has to rank right up there in that same league.

The attention to every little detail is just amazing

If you are ever in southern California, I highly recommend a trip to Galleta Meadows near Borego Springs
I bet I took a hundred pictures of sculptures yesterday afternoon, but I can’t compete with their website, there are hundreds of great pictures there.

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  1. The next time you drive in to Temecula, near Vail Ranch, note the two horses on your right, and the stage coach on your left – wonder if they were done by the same artist. You forgot to mention my husband’s favorite stop in Borrego – the ice cream shop in “downtown” – serves Blue Bunny ice cream.:-)

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