Frustrating Days

I haven’t been ignoring you, honest., at least not on purpose anyway.  I guess I’ll just get  the excuses out of the way so I can get back to the regular me.

I’m usually a pretty active guy but the last couple of weeks have been quite a struggle. I had it all figured out that because of the running and walking and climbing El Faro all winter,  I would come out of the hospital, recoop for a couple days and before the week was over I’d be power walking around 50 Point enjoying the fresh air, sun and flowers.

Somewhere the message got screwed up, somehow. Because there has been no sun and because the temperature isn’t usually much above freezing the flowers, smart little folks they are, are not yet appearing at a park near me. Actually, I’m not positve I can blame all this on the temperature, maybe the rain, snow, hail, sleet and wild winds played a part as well. Add to that, when they got my prostrate they also got my stamina.

Anyway, enough whining. Besides, I found a new Stamina and it’s starting to work pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m going to try back to work for a few hours (I’m looking forward to that) hoping I can add a little time each day until I get back to putting in a full day in a week or two.

Once again, thankyou all for the read. I’ll try to be a little more regular (I’m talking about posting on my blog here; the other regular is just fine thankyou)


I found a new one of those though, almost as good as the one I used to have.