Front Coming Through

We had rain

That’s how the locals explain it

After what seems like months of warm, sunny days with highs in the 80’s, we are going through a transition. For the last couple of days our highs were down to the low 70’s with a huge amount of rain. Today is the interesting one though. Today we are to reach the mid 70’s and then drop to a low in the mid 30’s ( will feel like high 20’s with the windchill) tonight before we bounce back to 60 something tomorrow and then back into the 70’s  on Monday.
I guess we can put away the flip-flops for a day or two.

Cookin with the Vanstones

Here in the south the word fried means breaded and deep-fried and that’s pretty much how a lot of the restaurants here cook everything. I’ve taken pictures of the big brown mess  we have been served but they are a little ugly, so I’ve never shown you any.

Oven baked wings

Last night we decided we were in for a fine meal of wings and pizza. We don’t know a pizza joint that does gluten-free pizza crust so now we just always make our own.

I still haven’t gotten used to the taste and mouth feel of the gluten-free crust but we have decided that it’s not about the crust. The real taste in pizza is in the toppings anyway so we load ours up.

Vanstone gluten-free pizza loaded

Marilyn hit a home run with the wings and the pizza last night. They were both delicious.

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
? Orson Welles