From Buster To Banannas

This morning we are back in gold Canyon sucking up the last couple of half price Passport nights in Canyon Vistas  for Buster’s dental appointment. He is now at the vet, waiting his turn on the table. I’m not sure who is going to hurt worse, Buster when they pull his tooth or me when I pay the six or seven hundred-dollar bill. Marilyn is a mess, Angel is all stressed out and won’t eat because she misses her buddy. All in all should just be a fun day.

Help with fruit and vegetables

I know you all depend on me for helpful hints and I really do try my best to help so how’s this one? We bought bananas at Costco about a week ago and they are still green. I googled ripening bananas last night and Dr. Google said “put them in a paper bag with an apple”. Well, OK then. If that’s what Google says it must be right so after I dropped Buster off at the vet I stepped in to the super market next door and bought a half-dozen apples. Nice shiny Red Delicious apples, um, um good. If one will work then 5 should be quicker, right. $2.52 for 5 apples. While there I also got a paper bag or paper sack as they say in these parts.

As we speak I am sitting patiently waiting for both my bananas to ripen and my dog to call for a ride home from the vet.

I think I’ll go polish my truck or something.

7 thoughts on “From Buster To Banannas

  1. Hey,

    Thinking about poor Buster, and poor you guys and Princess too! I just say, as long as he was at the dentist you should have thrown in braces for the poor guy!
    Are you sure those were bananas, and we got some what we thought were small green bananas andthey never did ripen. Found out later they were some other weird fruit! Miss you guys.

  2. Hmmm. I’ve always heard you should put a banana in with your ripening fruit. Maybe if you just eat the apples and put the bananas in their bag. But, what’s the deal with being week-old and green? Did you accidentally buy the Dorian Gray bananas?

  3. Did you end up with some plantains by mistake? Could be why they’re green. Remains to be seen of course. We’ll stay tuned.

  4. Banana Update: 4 hours in the bag with now 4 apples (we had one for lunch) What we believe are Bananas are still as green as fake grass!
    Buster Update: He is resting comfortably after his surgery, down 7 rotten teeth. We pick him up at three. I can see it now, me saying to people: “Be careful or that dog will gum you to death.”

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