Friday Morning

Art Under construction

Art Under construction

Snow Day

As I put this post together this Friday morning I am listening to Toronto radio to catch all the details on the huge snowstorm they are getting today. They are anticipating 10 inches or more of that while fluffy stuff with temperatures well below freezing. As I write this, they report now they are getting about 1 inch per hour.

Here in Okeechobee however, today is to be warmer than yesterday’s high of 84 degrees.
I feel for you if you are getting snow where you live this morning and want you to know that I’m carrying a shovel so if you need a hand just give me a call. I’d be happy to come over and help out, as long as I can be back by Happy Hour. I may have a special project for happy hour today and am going to need some extra time just to plan my strategy.

a selection of 3 very tasty bottles of beer.

Just 3 of my choices: Which one do I enjoy today?

Kind of like being backstage at a Broadway play, back behind the scenes in the Amazing Vanstones blog is a whole different world that no one except me ever sees, . Yesterday someone landed on this website because they were searching for a colorful plastic cowboy toy. Here they found my post on the Ballad of the Black Plastic Cowboy hat.
Better than that though was the poor suck that was searching for a good time on the road and googled XXX RVers. He was directed to Watching Paint Dry XXX. Can’t you just visualize his party suddenly coming to a crashing halt when instead of pictures of some sexy seniors  he instead gets pictures of quality oil paintings.

“There are more old drunks than there are old doctors.”
?    Willie Nelson

3 thoughts on “Friday Morning

  1. Um ya. We’re living it. Thanks for pointing it out though.
    I did some shovelling this morning, just to get out to the shed. I don’t think it mattered. That path is all snowed in.
    We have enough grub and coffee/beer, so we’re not going anywhere.
    Thought maybe I’d drive up to Sicards and look at RVs. Think they’d go out and clean off a half dozen or so for me??

  2. Bob. I’m betting they would welcome the company. Tell them I say hi.
    George I wondered if you had tasted one of those.

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