We’ve been in south Florida for a week now and in that time our major concern has been keeping cool. Speaking farenheit for a minute if I may, our day time highs have all been in the 80’s, our night time lows in the high 60’s, always with high humidity. For the last few days we have been running the air conditioning, primarily to get the humidity down to a more comforatable level.

Yesterday though, all that changed. At 6 am it was 67 degrees, then the wind came up and it huffed and it puffed and by noon it was 60. To the best of my knowledge, no straw houses were blown in, but there were lots of palm fronds and inflatable christmas decorations on the move throughtout the entire county.

Last night we saw high 30’s in this area, while further a little north temperatures dipped below freezing. Today we are supposed to crawl back into the high 60’s and word has it we will be back enjoying highs in the mid 70’s and beyond by Christmas.

We prepare for Christmas

We are in here in Jonathan Dickinson to hook up for Christmas with good friends Dale and Sheila and the lady’s plans are coming together. As I understand it, Christmas dinner will be entirely prepared outdoors, mostly over the fire. There will certainly be no turkey and based on all the food and drink stocks we are amassing, there will be little or no time left to open presents. Our entire day, from early dawn to darkest night, will be enjoyed  eating and drinking. Sounds like great fun it will be.

Can I be frank and honest with you for a minute?

Actually, our relationship wirth the Ducarmes began because Dale is Marilyn’s cousin. That’s right, way back in her dark and sordid past Marilyn was a Ducarme as well. We don’t call them relatives anymore because over the years, this relationship has developed to where these guys are really good buds and while we have lots of friends whom with we occasionally get into trouble, these two would be the most troublesome if you know what I mean and I mean it in the most positive of ways.

Speaking of trouble, we talked to a bartender, his name is Oneill, the other day when the four of us were out exploring and he said we are wrong to think of ourselves as bad people becuase we enjoyed the odd drink. He said that alcohol really is just spirits, so when we imbibe we actually become more spiritual and that’s a good thing.

Thankyou Oneill. You’ll be the first one we call when we next need advice.

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can’t put it down.

5 thoughts on “Fria

  1. I made it not one drink yesterday Larry!!!!! Are you not proud of me? Actually I was just starting to worry that everyone would be looking at me as the problem in our foursome. It is 48 degrees outside brrrrrr. Turn up the heat.

  2. cool and windy like your area yesterday…and we have the furnace running a bit this morning…but thankfully its not suppose to last..I for one welcomed the break from the humidity and the a/c….enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas …looking forward to getting together in the NY….

  3. Sounds like you guys are having way to much fun…LG..we are enjoying the kids and preps for the wedding at a balmy 30 degree F. temp..oh well, in 2 weeks it will be back to the 70’s..take care and see ya soon
    G and M

  4. Muy frio a tu casa? Not here but then we are just a tad south of you. Xmas day sounds like a major event at your house. Do you really do gifts?

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