It’s been absolutely forever since we had a good party at Tres Amigos, park 2 (OK, it’s only been 3 or 4 days) but when it’s time for another party, it’s time.

The shindig started about 3 yesterday afternoon with a few friendly games of blackjack but turned a little ugly later when a couple of high rollers from Toronto started to pile up the chips

After a couple of hours of cards everybody brought out their “substantial” appy’s and we all pigged out on sushi, beef & pork skewers, gourmet meat balls, chicken wings, all the healthy stuff.

With dinner out of the way we moved on to the main event, a surprise visit and performance from first Blue Rodeo followed by the none other than the Eagles. (Just a insider update: both groups used our coach as their dressing rooms. They were all very neat and tidy)

It’s kind of neat; sitting around a campfire in Mexico listening to the Eagles pump it out of someone’s home theater.

When others get into great music they want to dance. Seriously, thats what they are trying to do in this picture.

Still others chose the opportunity to enjoy the full moon.