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Marilyn downloaded a fun app on her tablet the other day. The app directs you to the closest restaurants that the Food Network has visited with any of their many restaurant review shows. Last night, since we’re in the hood, we were thinking we could go for a little southern barbeque.

Out comes the tablet and because we don’t want anything fancy, just good food, we open the app and head to Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Closest barbeque eatery in the area that they’ve reviewed is the Southern Soul Barbeque.
The app shows the menu and offers some customer comments, reviews and pictures of the place as well. We’re intrigued and want more; we are provided with directions.

We arrive at the restaurant. The place looks like in another life it was a small service station but it’s busy and everyone is smiling. We order at the counter off the menu on the wall. We are seated with our beers in a “Ball” canning jar. OK, this is going to be fun! While we sip we are entertained by old recordings of Johnny Cash, Buddy Holley, Gerry Lee Lewis and all their old buddies.

I’ve chosen the smoked turkey with 2 sides;  baked beans, another of  Collard greens. Marilyn’s going with the smoked half chicken with a side of Brunswick stew. The place us jumping, the food’s delicious and it’s another great Vanstone adventure. The next time we’re hungry for a good meal out we’ll certainly follow the app TV Food Map.

Bad GPS?

We all have those days when our GPS takes us down a road that ends, suddenly, usually when we least expect it. How do you think this guy feels? From here on the highway it apears his GPS brought him to the middle of a swamp.
Actually this ship is an ocean going car carrier being towed down a channel into a port so they can unload the thousands of automobiles onboard, all manufactured in Europe for export to the USA. A few miles back we passed a fleet of car carrier trucks coming from a massive multi acre yard full of that continent’s finest automobiles.

My, how things have changed. do you remember paper maps? Do you remember asking for directions? What apps do you use? Fill me in.
Once again, thankyou for the read.

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  1. We don’t have GPS and use real maps and get by just fine!! We have 1 cell phone, the old fashioned kind that just rings and you answer and a computer. we are not high tec. I have hear of apps but don’t really know what they do or are.

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