Foggy In Mazatlan

For the last week or so most mornings have started out pretty foggy. I’m taking this picture about 10 in the morning and the fog is  almost gone. Had I taken it an hour before you wouldn’t have seen the Carnival cruise ship, and an hour later the sky was clear and blue with not even a cloud.

After our walk up El Faro we clean up, hop in the truck and drive to El Quelite, about a half hour drive north of Mazatlan.

One of the things we love about Mexico is that everything is pretty laid back but in this small picturesque peoublo you can feel yourself relaxing even further as soon as your feet touch the sidewalk.

Pam appreciated the multitude of colors you see in the village, including of course the color of her father’s shirt.

Even in a town as slow as El Quelite, sooner or later everyone needs a time out.

Notice Marilyn’s new hat? I think she’s been looking for that one for more than a year. Just one more shot of the local color than we gotta go.

If we don’t get back to Tres Amigos we could be late for happy hour.

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