Foggy Fun

I wake up at about three. I look out the window and remark to myself that it looks cool out there, the darkness, the fog and the lights in the park.

Back in bed I think, “I should go get some pictures”.  I awake again at about 4. “I really should take some pictures,” that damn voice says.  Finally, at about 4:30 I give in, find my shoes and my camera and head out.

 It’s  close to 70 out here, with just a bit of a breeze. I am all alone.  It’s a gorgeous morning! As I wander around the park I click and click and I click again.

I’m amazed at how much light my camera can find in this eerie darkness.

Finally, after close to a hundred clicks, I’ve had enough. Back in the coach, back in bed, I’m instantly sound asleep.

Thanks for coming over, even in this fog.

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“At night the fog was thick and full of light, and sometimes voices.” -Erin Bowe

3 thoughts on “Foggy Fun

  1. Cameras at 4ish a.m. hmmm me thinks you may get arrested for being a Peeping Tom. Great photos though.

  2. Sheila: that thought crossed my mind too. But remember, the camera is digital. As long as they don’t shoot first I can prove that I was shooting fog. Besides, I keep those pictures on another camera

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