Florida Standoff

Florida Standoff

Florida Standoff

They call this the Florida Standoff. The tourists shell out their money to see alligators, the boat operators gather the money and drive the tourists (just like us) up and down the canals so us northern folk can get up close and personal with a gator in its natural surroundings. As long as the boat maintains the proper distance the gator doesn’t move and everybody gets a picture. Even me, I get one of the process.

We are back on the levee enjoying the 80 plus degree day creating a bit of a breeze with our bikes. Our weather is back to amazing and is supposed to stay like that for the next week or so. I promise we won’t even think about complaining because it’s too warm or anything silly like that.

The Story of the Bird and the Cow

The bird and the cow

If you look closely at the cow on the right you can see a white bird parked on his or her back. We see this quite often as we poke around this huge ranching area but until yesterday I was never able to get a picture. I’ve asked and asked about why this happens but apparently this is not important stuff for anyone other than me. Nobody knows, nobody(but me) cares. Ask them who should have won the last election, or what the price of margarita mix should be, everyone, even us Canadians, has an opinion. But something as simple as why is that bird riding on that cow and all you get are dumb stares like “where you from boy? Asking silly questions that around here gonna get you whupped”

Maybe it’s my popular Florida  t-shirt that says “Beef; It’s whats for dinner.

I even tried to ask a cow, but they’re not used to people who talk Canadian to them or maybe it’s my popular Florida t-shirt that says Beef; it’s what’s for dinner. Anyway they run off as soon as I get close by; cows go one way, birds fly another. There’s cow shit and bird shit flying all over. It’s a mess.
There, they said it couldn’t be done. I just posted,you just read 389 words and learned absolutely nothing. None of it made any sense but I wrote it and you read it.
What a fine bunch we turned out to be!

“Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’ your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”
? Mark Twain

7 thoughts on “Florida Standoff

  1. The bird, rather than perch on the ground where there is probably mud like cow dung, & it would get stuck, its sits atop where it knows it will not be.
    Thats my answer & i am sticking [ no pun ] to it.

  2. insects like to lay eggs on the backs of horses and cows … Birds like to feed on the eggs and/or the nits they produce. The horses and cows tolerate them as they seem to understand the benefit …

  3. I am a Florida Cracker, and own a few cows, the birds eat the bugs (flies, ticks,etc.) off the cows, same as what the birds in Africa do on Rhino’s and large animals there. Mutually beneficial to cow and bird… Hope that helps clear up the question.

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