Florida Oranges

Pineapple Oranges

Pineapple Oranges

Quick, what’s Florida famous for?

If you said well tanned, extremely wrinkled senior citizens you would be 100% right but according to the commercials we see on our televisions every night Florida is famous for something else:
If you guessed oranges you win the grand prize, but before I tell you how to claim your new million dollar beachfront condo we need to finish our conversation about Oranges.

You could rattle off a dozen different kinds of oranges but there are also other varieties we’ve learned about while visiting the massive and flat Orange State. There are Pineapple Oranges, (very sweet but lots of seeds), we’ve tasted Honey Bell, (even sweeter, no seeds, almost impossible to peel) and don’t forget our chat a few weeks ago about sour oranges (used to distill Grand Mariner).
We’ve been in Florida for three months now and have seen thousands of acres (they claim to have 440,000 acres of oranges) of orange groves. We’ve passed hundreds of truck loads of oranges growing every which way up and down the highways just loaded with those tasty orange globes.

Much of the decline in orange production can be traced to the decline in orange-bearing acreage. After peaking at more than 850,000 acres in 1996-1997, all citrus acreage declined to 541,000 acres in 2010-2011. In the case of oranges, the decline in bearing acreage was from 625,000 acres in 1996 to 440,000 acres last season, a reduction of nearly 30%.

Where do Floridians get their Oranges?

Where are these oranges from?

Where are these oranges from again?

So in spite of the fact that there are still 440,000 acres of oranges just outside their doors, when Floridians go to their supermarkets, they buy oranges from California.
What? I’ve been watching this for three months. If you go to a local ¬†fruit stand or green grocer you can buy Florida oranges, but when you shop the majors, Wal-Mart, Publix, Costco and the rest, the mountains of delicious oranges you choose from were almost 100% grown in California.

Ponder that as you wonder why I forgot to tell you about your new million dollar seaside condo you just won.

“Champagne and orange juice is a great drink. The orange improves the champagne. The champagne definitely improves the orange.” – Philip, Duke of Edinburgh