Florida Mountain Climbers

Hobe Mountain, Florida

Today we report from high atop southern Florida’s highest natural point. We are here to share with you the amazing view from this almost nose-bleed altitude. In this picture our camera (actually it’s my smart phone) is gazing  off to the northeast. You can see the Intercoastal Waterway and then beyond, the Atlantic Ocean. You can also see that everything is very green, almost tropical. And while we are still a few degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer it feels just like being in the tropics. It’s warm, humid, big pure blue skies and interesting and amazing cloud formations.

Back to the mountain, I should share with you that Hobe Mountain is really just a large sand dune that stands an ear-popping 86 feet (26.212 meters) above sea level. It really is Florida’s tallest natural point south of Lake Okochobee.

As we climbed this “mountain” this morning we were reminded of our many climbs to the top of El Faro in Mazatlan, Mexico, except of course, El Faro is probabably 12 or 14 times higher and lacks the gently sloped wooden walkway with handrails from the very bottom to the very top. Plus all steps are of equal elevation so the whole adventure is not only less adventuresome it is also much less dangerous.
After mountain climbing we did a fun 2 hour  bike ride out to the Loxahatchee river and back, just a one of the many hiking and biking trails throughout the almost 18 square mile Jonathan Dickinson State Park. I say fun ride, because even though there are some hills, you have to know that when the tallest point in the park is only 86 feet above your toes, chances are you won’t have to stop to catch your breath when you pedal your way to the top one of the many  trail “hills.”

Theres lots of hiking and biking left for us to do in the next couple of weeks and we plan to go visit the alligators on the river tour while we are here.

For the past week Marilyn has been working on a painting of the Tybee Island Lighthouse she fell in love with when we were in Savannah. Hopefully soon she will have it ready for our viewing. And I’ve promised to discuss more about our education in our gluten-free and healthy eating life, plus, while at the TechnoGeek Rally, we hope we purchased the right gear to improve our WiFi interenet. That’s certainly something all us RV’ers fight with regularily.
So lot’s to talk about, but for now I’m getting back outside to enjoy life here in the tropics on another 30 C (low 90’s F) degree day.
Thankyou for the read.
Just before you go, can you pass the sun tan oil please?

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