Five Hundred

We have heard about the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, now there is even a 500 Days of Summer, which pretty much explains our life. But today, I would like to introduce you to the biggest 500 of them all:  the AmazingVanstones 500.

This is post number 500 and I know there are some of you who have read them all. You wish you hadn’t read them all, and you won’t do it again,  but you did.

This all began as a Christmas gift from my son Jason in December 2007 and since then we have done some traveling.  We have been been  to Florida for a few weeks, the east coast of Mexico for a few months and this past winter, the Mexican west coast for a few more months. We’ve probably done 20,000 miles together.

We have sampled many fine local beers (there’s that 500 number again), met some very strange and interesting people. We have ridden in police trucks, paid off police officers, argued with others, and shared a joke or two with a few more. We’ve been to hospital a few  times, first for my stroke, then for a drug and alcohol check  and most recently for the birth of our latest grandson.

We have been through a couple of motor homes, moved in to full time in our current one and now  sold our house. We have dramatically changed our life style and our attitudes.

For sure, we are having fun. And from our point of view, it has only just begun.

I wonder what we will be talking about when we get to post 1000?  I look forward to sharing that one with you.

Here’s to 500, and here’s to 500 More.