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We home base in southern Ontario Canada. Marilyn’s sister and hubby live on the other side of the continent in West Sacramento, California. We have seen Donna and Dave five times so far in 2011, in fact they have been to our house 5 times this year, but never in the same place twice.

Our first get together was in February in Mazatlan, Mexico. We were there for the winter, they were there on vacation.

Next, we saw them in Toronto in August for our daughter’s wedding. Instead of getting a hotel, we took our coach into the city and they stayed in a hotel nearby. The day after the wedding we had a bit of a get together at 50 Point (our home base) and they joined us there.

In October we were near Edmonton for Marilyn’s mom’s funeral. And another get together.

And now, here we are in West Sac for Thanksgiving, once again having a great time.

So, where to next? Come on Ladies, the year isn’t over yet.

We run into lots of friendly people where ever and when ever we travel but this time of year there is something special about you Americanos. For the last week or so here, everybody we meet, in a park, or a store, even people on the street wish us a “happy holidays”. They say that, because down here Thanksgving is the third Thursday in November and just four weeks later St Nick comes by. They truly do have a “holiday season”

So now I get to return the favor. First of all, a bigĀ THANKYOU for reading this drivel day in and day out. I don’t know how you do it. Like really, isn’t it time you did the dishes or changed the oil in your car or something. I’d understand.

Anyway, thanks a bunch.

And Happy Holidays



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