Feel the Sweat

We just love to pedal our asses.

We admit it: we love to hike, bike and explore. Most days we walk many kilometers. Some days we even walk many miles. And while walking and hiking and biking are certainly good exercise none of them do much  for our flexibility or our core muscles.

Lately we’ve been starting our day with a you-tube exercise video, usually between twenty minutes and half an hour, just to increase our flexibility and stretch a bit.

We’re not investing a lot of time but it’s amazing how a quickly you can begin to feel the difference.

There are literally hundreds of exercise videos on You-Tube but we’ve found we’re really comfortable with Hasfit , especially their Seniors workouts. You can choose your intensity level and the length of your workout. we just set up a tablet on a table downstairs so every morning we raise a little sweat, congratulate ourselves for making the effort and then go on about our day.


They break it all down and make it really easy for you. you can do the exercises with or without weights. They suggest for weights you can use either water bottles or light exercise weights. We didn’t have any water bottles or weights at first but we did have beer bottles. We found they were still a little shaken up, even hours later at happy hour.

Our all time favorite exercise is a cross between a lurch and a crunch.

We call it Lunch.


Thanks for coming over.

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