Fast 30

Along time ago (when the earth was green)  I moved from Calgary to Edmonton and there I met this gorgeous little blond. Not only did she have the most amazing personality but she had the cutest little ass I had ever seen.

Within months I had the opportunity to pinch that little bum  and later that same year, October 17 1980, I got to marry the girl, the personality and the aformentioned body part.

Very quickly after that came 2 kids, a couple of cats and four dogs.

Last night, in the Flying J in Beloit, Illinois, we celebrated our 30th anniversary. You’ll be happy to know that we have agreed that we will do our best to hold it together for at least another 12 months, maybe even longer. I think we have decided that we kind of like each other.

I love you Babe

5 thoughts on “Fast 30

  1. You guys are really “horny toads”!!! A celebration Saturday night, “a glad to be on the road again”, and another celebration the next night, “30 years married”, what is it gonna be tonight??? Can you keep this streak up? I don’t want to know details….I am just admiring what/when your next “special” occasion is going to be!!!
    By the way congrats from Pat and me.

  2. Congratulations with these lovely 30 years. The years are going faster every year and your love will grow deeper every year. After 42 years we look at each other and some times we say looking for some one else will take again a lot of training. (LOL)

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